Product Rental


Accurate irrigation scheduling significantly increases yields.

With our rental option, you can have the best available scheduling software, equipment, and services while the cost

will be covered by less than an 0.5% yield increase.

We offer the following:

  • Access to the  Irricheck Pulse™Software 

  • Real-time and accurate irrigation recommendations

  • Installation of probe combo's and weather stations

  • Support from the scheduling consultant in your area

  • Continuous maintenance and services

  • Tested and guaranteed equipment (Probes, telemetry units, rain gauges, flow-meters, and weather stations)


1x Probe Combo

  • 6 months 

  • 12 months 

 + Service Fee

from >

  • 6 months 

  • 12 months 


1x Weather Station

  • 6 months 

  • 12 months

 + Service Fee

From >

  • 6 months 

  • 12 months 

All prices exclude VAT***

Take note:

All hired products have an accompanying service fee. 

The service fee per unit decreases with an increase in units ordered. 

Including a weather station in your order significantly increase the accuracy of the recommendations. 

Service fee includes:

Installation, pulse or VTeg app fee, sim data, batteries, server fees, and maintenance.


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