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Vanderkloof Tegnologie Uses the Irricheck Pulse Software for Irrigation Scheduling, while the VTeg App is used for automation functions such as monitoring and control of pumps, valves, center pivots, etc.



Irricheck  Pulse™Software

IrriCheck specializes in holistic irrigation scheduling software and services. Through the proprietary and distinctively South African developed software system, Pulse™, we are able to optimise our client's irrigation scheduling process by maximising production and ensuring optimal water usage.



The Pulse™Software is a Web-based irrigation scheduling program that continuously integrates hourly measured soil moisture data with weather forecast data as well as crop- and soil parameters. The water usage for the next week is simulated for each field in real-time, based on real-time hourly soil moisture data and weather forecasts.  The optimum irrigation schedule in units of mm, cubes or hours can be viewed on PC and in the Pulse™ Mobile app. 

The results can be viewed in graphs, showing the soil moisture by depth, the summarised water content for the top and bottom soil, the water use vs evaporative demand, and the real vs forecasted evaporative demand in one single view.  This enables the user to interpret the complete situation of the specific field quickly.

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VTeg Software

The Vteg App is the user interface for Vanderkloof Tegnologie's (Vteg) monitor and control units. The App enables the user to check on any unit/sensor that is monitored and to control the units by setting the limits at which actions should activate or at which warnings should be sent.

We are constantly updating and refining our app. To showcase some of our work we have provided a few examples below.


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to see data

in graph format

Weather Station

*The user can also set the SMS Warning levels for Temperature, Humidity and Wind Speed.  The data can also be exported in .csv format. 


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to see data

in graph format

Click here to access Pump Settings

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to access warning level settings

Dam level management

 *Pump start and stop times can also be configured to accommodate Ruraflex times.

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