VTeg offers a complete scheduling service.

  • Our consultant will help you to install Pulse™Software on your computer and on your mobile phone.

  • The consultant will then establish the most suitable position for the probe in each field/block

  • Our technicians will install the probes, communication units (Irricoms), rain gauges, flow meters, weather stations, etc.

  • After installation, the consultant will do the setup of the crop-, soil-, and Irrigation strategy data for each field or block

  • The Irricheck Pulse™Software continuously simulates the water use of each field or block and updates the recommendation for the coming week.

  • Our consultant checks and refines the data on a weekly interval in order to ensure accurate recommendations.

  • Our consultant regularly advises via farm visits, mobile phone and WhatsApp.

  • Our technicians maintain equipment for continuous data acquisition.


The automatic monitoring equipment in conjunction with our services and the Irricheck Pulse™Software allows the client to safely and quickly delegate the irrigation scheduling to his or her staff, while the client can check on the system and the results from anywhere, using a computer or mobile phone.

Our Clients

Vteg currently schedules 3240 fields on 241 farms in our region.

The crops scheduled includes maize, wheat, lucern, soyabeans, peanuts, pastures,
potatoes, tomatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, beetroot, butternuts, watermelons, table

grapes, wine grapes, pecans, citrus and dates.