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We count every drop because every drop counts

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What we do

We render professional irrigation scheduling services, using the Irricheck Pulse™Software as well as develop, manufacture, supply and service automated water management systems.


We contribute to profitability by optimising water use, as a result of: 

Increased yields

Water savings on existing hectares

 Increased hectares planted due to saved water

Electricity savings

Improved fertilizer efficiency, etc

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Water Pressure-

Soil Moisture-

-Center Pivots

  • Position

  • Speed

  • Irrigation Hours

  • Auto Flush

-Sluice Gates



Water Levels-

  • ​Dams

  • Canals

  • Troughs

Borehole Levels-

Weather Conditons-

Water Flow -


-Export Data

-Set Warning Levels

-Schedule Automations

-Keep Track of your        systems on the app      dashbaord

-Control from anywhere